Suzzanna Frank
Suzzanna (Sanna)

(859) 496-0221
Studio 606
Offering Modern and Contemporary Art For Today’s Living and Working Spaces.


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About the Artist

Name: Suzzanna (Sanna) Frank

Art Style/Focus: Contemporary Art For Today’s Living And Working Spaces

Studio: 606

Background Info / Well, a little about me. The unusual spelling of my first name (double a's, n's, and z's) was my fathers idea. Thank's dad! I live in Newport Kentucky which is right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio,USA. I grew up in Kentucky, and like many of my generation moved away from the small farming town as soon as I could. Moved to other states for awhile, ended up in Italy and Egypt and found myself returning to that small town 26 years ago and loving it. I still love to travel and go whenever I can.

I was always into things growing up: sewing, clay work, pottery, building stuff; you get the idea. About 14 years ago I picked up a brush and have been painting ever since. Artist are often asked  what one word would describe their artwork…”PASSION". It is that constant drive to express the way life makes me feel through my art. I want to pass on to the observer of my work that fantastic feeling of "living life" that I so often experience. . My tool, COLOR. My son use to tell me when I first started to paint that" I needed to use more color " I couldn't agree with him more.







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