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The center strives to encourage and nurture artistic creativity, by providing a supportive and
inspiring environment for artists and by offering art exhibitions, events and educational
programs that raise public awareness and appreciation for the arts.


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artist of the month 2021

1310 Pendleton Street

JANUARY Stephanie Skurow warehouse studio #713/714

FEBRUARY Terri Schmitt warehouse studio #510A

MARCH Antonio Salgado warehouse studio #804A

APRIL Kathy Groob warehouse studio #802A

MAY Mary Barr Rhodes warehouse studio #712

MARY BARR RHODES (b. 1954, lives and works in Cincinnati OH.) is a mixed media artist
working with themes related to nature, color energy, feminist issues and light resonance.
RHODES holds a Masters of Art from Marshall University
and was greatly influenced by the Abstract Expressionist Movement.
She began her career in a period of history when sexism ruled the art world.
Consequently, her artwork has been strongly influenced by the Feminist Movement
and represents feminine energy, dynamic color energy and now light resonance.
Her artwork reflects her personal interest in energy, sound and light resonance reflecting our current era of consciousness,
Her artwork is in numerous prestigious corporations such as Graydon Law Firm, First Financial Bank, Von Lehman Accounting,
KMK Law and Johnson Investment Counsel.
Her artwork is also in numerous homes across the United States, Europe and South American.
Recent highlights include an award by Venue Magazine and being named Artist of the Year by Art Design Consultants.
She was recently commissioned by a new boutique hotel, The Kinley, and was awarded a light installation at Par-Projects.

Mary Barr Rhodes • Statement 2020
Rhodes’ liminal work is at the intersection of art, science and spirituality.
Colorful as the rainbow and sparkling with light, Rhodes’ paintings fascinate viewers on a primordial level.
A viewer first notices the beauty of the refracted light. Rhodes explores the many colors and the degrees of brightness of the glass refractions.
Rhodes removes any sort of narrative from the work so that the light energy connects with the viewer directly.
There is no denying the sheer beauty of the work.
Rhodes’ explores the work as a scientist. Light when split into different bands of color plays on the eye and the brain viscerally.
Light resonance is created by juxtaposing different pieces of glass which create small pockets of energy.
She mindfully places glass shards as if working a puzzle. Foils, films and layers of epoxy resin further increase the light energy.
Each painting is an experiment in the diversity of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Each artwork holds a specific luminous energy. She uses light resonance to rebalance and restore energy.
Viewers respond to, not only to their light energy but to the their tactile quality as well.
They want to reach out and touch the work, yearning to connect with the earth.
Rhodes work connotes the quantum energy of the unified field. Her process is a spiritual practice.

JUNE Gabrielle McFarland studios@510 studio #1000

Born in Metairie, Louisiana (New Orleans)
Raised in Cincinnati, lives in Northern Kentucky

She has skills in multidisciplinary arts, including contemporary-traditionalist drawings,
artistic fiber creations, and traditional European upholstery with a preference for natural fibers. 

She was raised around the purchase and sale of antique items, giving her many experiences in the field of furniture.
She went to The College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati.
Studying upholstery through Broadway Upholstery School (Arlington, Mass)  

Displayed work at 124 Pike Street Gallery, Woman’s Art Gallery, Purple Paisley, Wash Park Art

2021 Re-emerging at Pendleton Art Center - 510 Studio’s

WhimsEgal Art and Upholstery - by Gabrielle

2021 Re-emergence at 510 Studio’s at the Pendleton Art Center

I still have a passion for historical and traditional arts. I have always liked them with a twist. 

My two-dimensional work relies on graphite and colored pencil work. I enjoy imagining something a little different.
Postage stamp size drawing or combining subjects that don't normally coexist. 

This year - I am pushing creative Upholstery out of color and fabric combinations.
Using old french techniques of upholstery and melding them with sculptural ideas.
I still believe furniture to be a functional item and must be preserved in its usefulness. Beyond that, I imagine creative shapes.

JULY Ali Scullion warehouse studios #702
AUGUST Tari Sasser warehouse studios #313
SEPTEMBER Suzanna Frank warehouse studio #606
OCTOBER Jess Sheldon warehouse studio #512
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Tina Gutierrez warehouse studio #202

studio of the month 2021

1105 Central Ave

JANUARY Paint & Panache Fine Art Studio studio # 104
FEBRUARY Artique Studio #101
MARCH Cassie Dyer Studio #112
APRIL Maura Blandford Studio # 105

MAY The Wicked Wick Studio #103

JUNE Luster Works Jenn Rathweg & Teresa Rivers Studio #LL3

JULY Artists at Work Studio #107
AUGUST The Created CreatingMargaret-Ann Sampson Studio #117/119
SEPTEMBER Mlady's Coutorier Tabetha Cloke Studio #LL6
OCTOBER Contemporary Art of Sandra Reff Studio # 109
NOVEMBER Elle Pollard Studio # LL2
DECEMBER The Wicked Wick Studio #103


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Top 3 Art Gallery
Top 3 Opportunities for Local Artists

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