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Studio 704
The artistic work in my studio has two prime foci: the practice and study of poetry; and the dissemination of books, images, and other "art parts" I've accumulated over more than 50 years, at bargain prices, to those artists and others who share my insatiable curiosity and indefatigable desire to get better at everything in my life.


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About the Artist

I write poetry because I'm much less healthy than when I don't. The books are a result of two aspects of my nature: first, an insatiable curiosity about many things--nature, mechanics, metaphysics, philosophy, creativity, you name it; and second, a persistent drive, though not always in high gear, to get better and smarter and kinder and gentler in every part of my small life.

It is time now, out of kindness to my dear daughters, to find new homes for these treasured friends among can use them, sparing them the arduous task of disposing of them.





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Pendleton Art Center

Location: Main Warehouse
Floor: 7
Studio: #704

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