Nancy Gollobin Sculptor. Artist

(513) 300-4367
Studio 501 B
Three decades ago, i discovered my life’s pursuit after walking in to a basement where men and women chiseled and carved blocks of stone. I am most at home when covered in white dust, tools in my hand, looking for a form to emerge and transform.


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About the Artist

While I also work in wood and bronze, stone is my preferred medium. It’s timeless strength, color and imperfections snd permanence challenge me to transform inanimate objects to living forms. I utilize the traditional methods of carving with only a few hand tools: hammer, chisel, and rasps. After hours of chipping, rasping and sanding, my vision takes place. The sculpture’s beauty unfolds on the path to it’s final form.





Commissions: Yes, Commissions

Pendleton Art Center

Location: Main Warehouse
Floor: 5
Studio: #501 B

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