Joyce Kaufman. BellaBella Mosaics

(513) 314-8182
Studio 608
I am a mixed media mosaic artist. What draws me to this medium is the freedom to combine clay, painting and mosaic. I love rocks, glass, buttons and just about anything that helps me create a story or scene.


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About the Artist

I have had several careers in my lifetime, but have always studied ceramics and painting on the side as a hobby.   It has been during the last eight years that I have been lucky enough to devote myself to art as a full time career.

I began experimenting with mosaics after I saw the film “How to make an American quilt” because it gave a reason for buying china and found objects at flea markets and making them into art.  It wasn’t until a trip to Italy that I realized how the breathtakingly beautiful mosaics looked like paintings.  That is where my true passion began.

My workshops have taken me to Italy, Mexico and various locations in the U.S.  They include portrait mosaics, floor mosaics and now furniture.  The medium is a venetian glass called smalti that is hand cut with two sharp instruments.   My mosaic “paintings” enable me to combine my love for watercolor painting and mosaic. This glass enables me to show deep color and beautiful light and shadows.

Dimension and texture are what I enjoy experimenting with now.  Rocks, gems and other foraged items are what I seek out now. The juxtaposition of glass and organic materials are captivating and harmonious. I have delved into 3-D pieces and often combine 2D and 3-D.





Pendleton Art Center

Location: Main Warehouse
Floor: 6
Studio: #608

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