Jenny's "Oodles of Doodles"

(937) 361-3088
Studio LL5
Hi! My name is Jenny Miller and I am an artist! I am new to Pendleton Art Center -but not new to art! I have been drawing and coloring – painting and coloring as long as I can remember! Creating my art is my Happy Place! I am so grateful to PAC for giving me a place to be happy!


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About the Artist

Hi! My name is Jenny Miller and I think I must have been  born with a crayon in my hand. That’s all I ever wanted for Christmas – my birthday – my siblings’ birthdays’ – my parents’ anniversaries – etc., etc. I remember when I had my tonsils out at age 7. After the surgery – I didn’t want ice cream – I wanted to color!!! So that is how the obsession started!

All through school - art was my favorite subject. Then once I got into college - I decided to be an art teacher. Why not put my two loves together:  children & art. But I was forced to change my plans when an unfortunate incident happened during my student teaching. I graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Minor in Art Ed. With those credentials I focused on a career of being a Production Artist and enjoyed over 30 years of success working for commercial printers, advertising agencies, and the last 16 years creating newspaper ads for a major electronics/appliances retail store. But in 2009 the store ceased operations nationally. So I was forced to change direction again.

Around this time – a friend introduced me to a new creative outlet – “tangling”, “Zentangling”. I fell right into it and for the first time in 30 years I was doing art for the sheer satisfaction and pleasure of it. And I was getting noticed, too. I had had a couple of shows and sold a few pieces of my art. But lately because of some family and time commitments – I have been slipping away from “my happy place”!

So now I am grateful to be among the inspirational artists at Pendleton Art Center. This is such a dream come true and I cannot wait to begin! It’s never too late to create!!



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