Craig Britton

(415) 531-6355
Studio 600
I work primarily in oil paints on canvas, linen, and panels. on imagery that is 'Figure' centric and often includes implied narrative. I often refer to it as Brushy Realism, or Chunky Realism.


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About the Artist

Craig was born in Chicago, and started painting seventeen years later.

Degrees include BFA from The Art Academy of Cincinnati, and an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Craig returned to Cincinnati in 2016 after living in the Bay Area of California for 20 years.

“ I choose subjects as jumping off points, as vehicles to explore what I am feeling. Responses and perceptions are fleeting, so I choose loose, abbreviative marks to express that.”
“ My aim has always been to make work which is compelling in its beauty, or at least intriguing in the way that a piece of music can be.”



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