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Barbara & David

Studio 704
Barbara and David have known each other nearly all their lives and started collaborating on their art and design while studying at the University of Cincinnati. Barb studied interior design and David industrial design. After UC, they furthered their education by studying with renowned architect R. Buckminster Fuller. The Days opened their design practice in the 1960s and for nearly six decades now have helped change the way people think about renovating and restoring historic structures. “We were encouraged to be catalysts by our college mentors,” says David. “And indeed, that is the role we have played out for the past 55-plus years in client relations.”


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About the Artist

Vanishing Cincinnati is less a lament for what has been lost than it is a celebration of what remains and a clarion call for preservation and continuity. This call is directed to people of all the walks of life to join in the new vibrancy of old Cincinnati.

The images and stories here reconnect us with the city’s century of greatness, from 1850to 1950, when the urban fabric was tightly woven with an eclectic mix of residential neighborhoods, parks, shops, and entertainment, and nestled within embracing hilltops, and with a street level infrastructure that was both functional and inspirational. The city’s extraordinary diversity of architecture, old and new, side by side, brings forth a dimension of time into and equation that ennobles and enriches the Queen City.

Barbara & David Day’s freehand drawings in Vanishing Cincinnati breathe fresh life into the idea that careful preservation of these venerable structures bring longevity and cultural richness to the heart of the city. It can happen here. It did happen here. And now, with the resurgence of creativity of all kinds in Downtown and Over-the-Rhine, it is happening again.





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Pendleton Art Center

Location: Main Warehouse
Floor: 7
Studio: #704

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