Andrea Eisert Abstract Art

(859) 816-6680
Studio 112
For the love of abstract. . . Because I love beautiful things and because I love making things beautiful through bold shape, color, and design.


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About the Artist

My name is Andrea Lee Eisert and I am an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. My introduction summed up my life! Even memories of my earliest childhood, I always wanted to make everything beautiful. To me, abstract art allows me the greatest possibility of freedom to create beauty. And, bring beautiful colors to the world . Abstract art allows me freedom to let the painting lead the way. My need to create beautiful things is deeply embedded within me. I have practiced several different disciplines during my lifetime. At times it has been drawing, sometimes painting, sometimes jewelry design, even landscaping design, but I have always been an artist. My artistic talent is God given, but I have worked extremely hard to develop it and loved every minute of the hard work. It’s my passion. I paint in acrylics, mixed media and love larger scale works. I approach my work intuitively, with an abstract interplay of shapes, sizes, vibrant colors and rhythm that expresses my feelings and ideas. I am always looking for something that captures my attention. My style is varied and always evolving. My process usually includes unusual paints. Neon, metallic, iridescence, color change or interference paints are favorites of mine. This adds a unique aspect to my work and an air of sophistication.





Commissions: No Commissions

Pendleton Art Center

Location: Main Warehouse
Floor: 1
Studio: #112

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