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2013 07 26 16 50 08 770 1 Pendleton Art Center Home of the World's Largest Collection of Artists Under One Roof. 1310 Pendleton Street, Cincinnati, OH. TPF Michael

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Touchpointfolios Front Pendleton Art Center Home of the World's Largest Collection of Artists Under One Roof. 1310 Pendleton Street, Cincinnati, OH. TPF Michael
Touchpointfolios Back Pendleton Art Center Home of the World's Largest Collection of Artists Under One Roof. 1310 Pendleton Street, Cincinnati, OH. TPF Michael

Promote the Discovery of Your Art!
In this age of information overload, visual based information still rules over text. Art trumps any other image because it speaks from the heart. The vision behind Touchpoint Folios™ is to showcase creative work in a venue that is accessible to foot traffic. With Art on the front and touch points of information on the back, the viewer is invited into the world of the artist in just a few steps. This may be a simple connection of just becoming aware or it may lead to opening up of a new relationship. This is how your work is discovered by the Folios!

A Touchpoint Folios™ rack can be seen as a catalog of Artists in the building or in a community; but it is also a extension of the creativity of that community inviting and pulling the passerby in. It has no electronic display screen that gets turned off. As busy and distracted as people are in this time of change, many still look and notice creative work that speaks to their heart. The rack leverages that natural curiosity in accessible way.

“Remember, printing is the original Social Media.” – Joel Mellon

Art can stimulate many responses; however, it must be accessible to do so!

Practically speaking, the Touchpoint Folio™ display rack is a visual display system designed in a literature style rack with your name and artwork with a fully exposed front for an eye catching, stop in your tracks, appeal. The design of this display is intended to make the art viewable in the community where it was created. It is a mirror of the local art community. A feature of the Touchpoint Folios™ display system is the ease of use coupled with a low cost opportunity to display and sell your work.

The Folio is not limited to two dimensional visual art, it can include sculptures, music, sound, written word, such as poetry and short story, videography, digital display, like iphonegraphy, show announcements and performance art. The image on the front speaks to the creativity reference in the back. The rule is the cover cannot show advertisement; it must speak from a Fine Art Perspective. In the coming months Touchpoint Folios will build a strong linkage between the print touch points and digital access.

Each “Folio” is a printed version of your artwork. Using a high quality printer, each folio is 8 ½ by 5 ½ inches. The print will have an image of your art on the front, and text, (your touch points), on the back describing what you want people to know about you. Because this is an inexpensive program, you can change your image and text monthly. In fact, you are encouraged to do so because this rotation will capture the imagination of the larger art buying community. Once placed in the rack, your folio becomes a part of the art community landscape. Your work may be selected by someone who is attracted to the piece in an unexpected way. Once they select retrieve your folio from the rack, they have a permanent reminder of your work along with your contact information to make a purchase. It is a way for an Artist to have a lasting and direct appeal to the buyer.

In the coming weeks each Folio will also have a mirror rendition on a “made for mobile device website“. This website will be accessible under the URL TouchpointFolios.com/your name. This link can be made on the back of the Folio using a simple smart phone code reader known as a QR or quick response code. This is a tremendous value because each printed version of the folio ordered will have a digital version of the same content. What this means is that people who pick up your Folio can share that printed item with anybody else who has Internet access. This intent here is to take the effort you invested in creating a printed folio with us and extended it with a digital version. This mobile website is a two-for-one bonusYou will have full control over what is displayed and can even add additional links to your other sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Look for more in the coming weeks.