Rob Beckham

(859) 653-4706
Studio 222
Beauty surrounds us all the time…..we only need to be willing to stop and look around. From a dandelion snubbing the odds and growing through the smallest of cracks in a sidewalk, to the focused rays of sunshine pouring through a gap in a tunnel of trees. Just pause, breathe, and look around.


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About the Artist

I don’t describe my work in terms of categories…..I enjoy capturing moments in a gritty urban setting just as much as in the serenity of nature, and I find equal value in both.  Whether it’s an arranged shoot of ballerinas in Over-the-Rhine, or a spontaneous ‘pull off the side of the road’ shot because I found a sunflower field, I live for those moments when the universe reminds me why we are here.  On occasion, an image cries out for further life beyond the photograph, and that’s when I consider it a privilege to translate that desire to canvas through brush and paint.  Either way, capturing, creating, and sharing these moments is one of my greatest joys.





Commissions: Yes, Commissions

Pendleton Art Center

Location: Main Warehouse
Floor: 2
Studio: #222


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