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Mary Barr

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Rhodes’ liminal work is at the intersection of art, science and spirituality. Colorful as the rainbow and sparkling with light, Rhodes’ paintings fascinate viewers on a primordial level.

A viewer first notices the beauty of the refracted light. Rhodes explores the many colors and the degrees of brightness of the glass refractions. Rhodes removes any sort of narrative from the work so that the light energy connects with the viewer directly. There is no denying the sheer beauty of the work.

Rhodes’ explores the work as a scientist. Light when split into different bands of color plays on the eye and the brain viscerally. Light resonance is created by juxtaposing different pieces of glass which create small pockets of energy. She mindfully places glass shards as if working a puzzle. Foils, films and layers of epoxy resin further increase the light energy. Each painting is an experiment in the diversity of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Each artwork holds a specific luminous energy. She uses light resonance to rebalance and restore energy. Viewers respond to, not only to their light energy but to the their tactile quality as well. They want to reach out and touch the work, yearning to connect with the earth. Rhodes work connotes the quantum energy of the unified field. Her process is a spiritual practice.


MARY BARR RHODES (b.1954 West Virginia, US)
lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rhodes is a mixed media artist working with themes related to nature, color energy, feminist issues and light resonance.

Rhodes holds a Masters of Art from Marshall University and was greatly influenced by the Abstract Expressionist Movement. Her artwork has been strongly influenced by the Feminist Movement and is infused with feminine energy.

Dynamic color energy and light resonance radiate from her work. Her artwork reflects her personal interest in energy and light resonance. Her objective is to foster a sense of wonder in the viewer.

Her artwork is in numerous prestigious corporations such as Graydon Law Firm, First Financial Bank, Von Lehman Accounting, KMK Law and Johnson Investment Counsel. Her artwork is also in numerous homes across the United States, Europe and South America.

Recent highlights include an award by Polly Magazine and being named Artist of the Year by Art Design Consultants. She was recently commissioned by a new boutique hotel, The Kinley, and was awarded an upcoming light installation at Par-Projects.

You can visit her in person at the Pendleton Art Center, Studio

#712 Commissions welcomed.






Commissions: Yes, Commissions

Pendleton Art Center

Location: Main Warehouse
Floor: 7
Studio: #712


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