Ken Helmes

(513) 835-6675
Studio 221
I am a photographer with a passion for shooting landscapes. I believe in capturing the essence of a moment and giving you something that makes your soul smile. I believe in art that awakens within you a connection to a stillness that, for a brief moment, causes the rest of the world to fall away.


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About the Artist

What inspires you?
For me it’s the sun, just peeking over the horizon and painting the underside of the textured clouds a soft, pastel color which reflects off a lake. It’s the staggered domino pinnacles of a city skyline backed by the deep, royal blue of a dusk sky. It’s the rushing water of a stream cutting its way through the autumn trees and cascading over jutting rocks with a powerful crash. These are the things that excite within me a need to create. A need to capture that moment and enhance it to the point that the viewer can get a visceral feel of what it must have been like to stand at that spot for that instant.

These are the things that inspire me. I hope to see you at Pendleton soon.





Commissions: Yes, Commissions

Pendleton Art Center

Location: Main Warehouse
Floor: 2
Studio: #221

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