Ben Jason Neal
Ben Jason

(513) 371-3782
Studio 807
Ben Jason Neal. He makes art. Some of it is pretty. Some of it is angry, sad, thought provoking and sometimes punches you in the mouth leaving the viewer with a permanent scar. You may find yourself kissing yourself questioning where is the art. Is the viewer the art? Did the artist cause the viewer to find themselves unprovoked, unwarned? If you've even read this far, you've done more than 96.7%. You are commended!


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About the Artist

As a professional artist of 25 years I am influenced by people. The behavior, love, anger, compassion and saddness of others intrigues my intelect and compiles my creative process. A never-ending desire to understand and empathize with other humans like myself. The more I interact, learn from, create with other people the more connected I feel to the greater good. The works of the unknown street artists of the world have always brought me the highest inspiration. The need to create and produce art in such a capacity. The drive to express triumphs over safety, the threat of arrest, monetary gain and sometimes even basic human needs. The art must go on!  This is the drive and intensity that I seek in my art. To search and seek that level of motive, find it and ride it until it kills me.

What I like about what I do, my approach, is that there is little to no control. As an artist I am choosing to give a large amount of creative control to others. This allows me to learn from the visions of others and to influence the creative decisions that I will later make when organizing and executing my work. The reward will be that I listened. The reward will be that others are involved and can have a sense of pride, unity and conglomerativeness in creating something memorable. A legacy.





Commissions: Yes, Commissions

Pendleton Art Center

Location: Main Warehouse
Floor: 8
Studio: #807


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