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Kent Krugh
Studio 405

Artist Statement
I grew up on my grandfather's farm in northern Ohio where I helped in the
fields and with the livestock. My other grandfather took me into the woods to hunt
and onto the lake to fish. Solitary hours in the fields, woods, and on the lake
provided ample opportunity to ponder the beauty and power of nature. The
ordered beauty of crop rows and the concentric ripples on water's surface made an
impression on me. Coupled with a religious upbringing, my faith embraces the
notion of a universe created and sustained by a supreme being. A degree in physics
fuels my inquisitive nature and reinforces my astonishment at the intricacies of life
and the physical processes that drive our universe.

Angel Oak Number 7 Beech Grove Sycamore

Higher Ground Cedar italian Portfolio-Rome Number 5
Higher Ground Number 12 Higher Ground Number 10
Lighthouse Number 3 Pinhole Portrait Number 29
Spectral Image-Ballerina Spectral Image-Maori

Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer, living and working in Greater Cincinnati, OH. Nine years ago, he began to study photography seriously, first taking classes with academic professionals locally, and then attending workshops in alternative processes with Dan Burkholder and Craig Barber. He has received numerous awards in national and international print and portfolio competitions and was a Photolucida 2012 Critical Mass Finalist.

His work has been exhibited in numerous national and international group and solo venues, including a solo exhibition of "Inside the Gate" at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, OR. In 2013, at the invitation of curator Juan Alberto Gaviria, Krugh exhibited "Inside the Gate" in several venues for ZOOMFEST 2013 in Medellin, Columbia, South America. He also taught workshops in collaboration with Colegiatura Colombiana del Diseño, Fundacion Universitaria de Bellas Artes and Centro Colombo Americano under the auspices of the Universidad de Antioquia.

Krugh’s photography has been exhibited at three major festivals during the past four years: Fringe Festival 2010, Cincinnati, OH; FotoFest Biennial 2012, Houston, TX; and FotoFocus Biennial 2012, Cincinnati, OH. His work appears in numerous catalogs, as well as the 1st International Photography Annual (INPHA 1) published by Manifest Press, 2012.