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Carmen Ramos Politis
Studio 710
Bronze sculpture

About the Artist:
Carmen Ramos Politis is a Canadian painter and sculptor born in Portugal.
Her formal art education began in 1971 at College du Vieux Montreal, in Montreal, Canada. There she obtained a diploma in "Arts Plastiques." In 1973, she traveled to Florence, Italy, where she studied painting at the Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Firenze and graduated with honors. From 1977-79 she attended McGill University in Montreal, where she completed a degree in Art Education. From 1980-89, she worked as an art teacher and continued her art work, participating in shows and competitions. She then moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she lived for 8 years. During that time, she dedicated herself exclusively to sculpture and casting in bronze. She had her first sculpture exhibit entitled, "Woman as Enigma." Since 1998, she has been living in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has a studio at the Pendleton Art Center, in Over-the-Rhine. Her works are in private and public collections in Canada, the United States, Europe, Brazil and Israel.

About the Work:
The human form is the focal point of the artist's creative process. The figures are first modeled in clay over wire armatures. Clay modeling allows the artist more flexibility to simplify, stylize, and alter the human form at will. With clay, a variety of textures and forms are made possible. The sculptures have a combination of fine detailing, smooth polished areas, and subtle textural surfaces. To ensure an accurate cast of the clay model, the artist touches up all the wax models, and supervises the finishing work on the bronze as well as the patina. The sculptures are cast in original/limited editions to guarantee their exclusivity. Many of the sculptures contain elements of the artists' paintings and drawings.
Sculpture has allowed the artist to give a tangible strength and sensuality to her figures. For Carmen Ramos Politis, the creative process is mysterious, intuitive, and most liberating when the subconscious is given free reign.

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